Vision - The gateway to the world

Sehen - Das Tor zur Welt

About 80 percent of the information about the environment comes from our eyes.
A good quarter of the brain is involved in processing this input.

Thus the sense of sight is the most important sensory system of the human being. And also the one that science pays the most attention to. Although the operation of the enormously complex visual system has not yet been understood down to the last detail, our focus shows what we know.

There you will learn everything about the eye, retina and the brain areas in which visual perception ultimately develops. If you want to know why colours do not look the same for everyone, then this is the right place for those interested in the history of science, because our author Tanja Krämer has embarked on a journey through visual theories. For cineasts we reveal the secret of moving images - and with moving images we present the different modalities of seeing. Or would you like to become acquainted with the astonishing phenomenon of afterimages? You can get this and more in the lab.

Seeing - (not) a natural wonder. An introduction.