The world between your ears


There is so much to discover in the brain. These texts offer a first introduction: it is about perceptions and perception deception, about thinking and errors of thought.
And action in all its facets.

The brain doesn't look like much from the outside. But inside it's bigger than outside. It controls the smallest autonomous body function and experiences the greatest feelings. It devises strategies, is altruistic and, last but not least, makes it possible: for us. Biology, psychology, philosophy - no other object known to us is as diverse. And so the brain is one thing above all: a miracle.

Accordingly, there is a lot to say about the brain. And this is what we do at, the largest German-language portal on the brain. Here you will find brain research translated into understandable language, checked by experts and - for non-commercial purposes - also freely usable. You will find videos, beautiful animations, interactive graphics and a "walkable" brain to explore.

If you are just getting closer to the brain, start with this chapter - the texts link to many other topics. Let yourself go. Of course, you can also search directly - from the ego to the glial cells. And if you don't find what you're looking for, be patient: we are constantly delivering news from the exciting world between our ears. A good first question would be: Why a brain?

The author Christian Honey tries to answer this question.