Talking to Mark Solms

Mark Solms is a neuroscientist and mostly interested in the inner world of the brain. His focus is psychoanalytical, his orientation on Sigmund Freud.

Talking to Yasser Roudi

Yasser Roudi won the Eric Kandel Price for young neuroscientists 2015. Unexpectatly for a physicist, but he has his own view on the brain – a philosophical interview about knowing and not knowing.

Talking to May-Britt und Edvard Moser

What does a Nobel Price to a married couple? What about obligations, curiosity, the big questions? 

Andrea Burgalossi – A GPS in the Brain

Andrea Burgalossi of CIN (Exzellenzcluster Uni Tübingen) about the physiology of orientation. Seeing this, you learn everything you need to know about the Moser's 2014 Nobel Price.

Science-Fiction brain science

Via brain-computer-interface Miguel Nicolelis teaches telepathy to rats and apes the use of a third arm. En passant he puts question marks behind the neuron doctrine of Cajal.

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