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In recent studies by our group we accumulated evidence that the effect of certain genetic polymorphisms varies across cognitive processes. The results call in question, if a ?risk allele? necessarily confers a disadvantage to its carriers. In this study we provide further evidence on this issue.
Cognitive control processes may depend on contextual information, sometimes improving performance, but impairing performance if expectancies about forthcoming events induce pre-potent responses. The neurobiological bases of these effects are not understood. Here, we examine context-dependent variations of response control processes using the AX-CPT task with respect to the relevance of the functional serotonin 1A receptor polymorphism (5-HT1A C(\xe2\x88\x921019)G). The results show that, when context information is helpful to drive behavioural performance, carriers of the \xe2\x88\x921019G allele reveal compromised cognitive control.

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Molekulare Neurobiologie, Zelluläre Neurobiologie

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